Geo TV Show with Mirza Ali & Samina Baig (Shimshali People – Pakistan 2010)

Stelian Pavalache, Mirza Ali, Samina Baig on Shimshali People (stage of Satwa Guna project) and  first stage of Pakistan Youth Outreach. &

Mirza Ali phone uppdates:

  • “Me and Samina have been Invited as Guests in a famous Morning show of Geo TV the largest TV channel in Pakistan (Geo Pakistan) on Saturday October 16th at 11:00am Pakistan Standard time! leaving for Lahore tomorrow for two days 🙂 wish us luck! its our first Invitation as guests from any Tv channel after Samina first climb as first Pakistani women mountaineer!”

  • “Finally Home. The live TV show, i am told was very great and i received hundreds of sms ,messages ,Phone calls an emails, the people particularly Youths are very much excited and load the effort and with Big heart commend the initiative of Pakistan Youth Outreach. Also Satwa Guna project for a nice joint venture to make the first project successful!”

  • “there was several live calls from viewers they appreciate and congratulate samina and felt so proud of her being first Pakistani girl to reach the heights point! after the live tv show, we met Sohail Sadiq a nice ,humble and cooperative man, who made our meeting possible with Adviser to the prime minister for women development.she assured a meeting in Islamabad on Monday and discuss further things in detail. After meeting with Adviser to the Prime Mister for women development Sohail guide us to Magic Media and held a nice meeting in a nice environment with the CEO and Executive Director! the Meeting was so nice, i had an appointment with Nikon Pakistan but due to shortage of time, we couldn’t make the meeting. Since Nikon had sponsored us equipment on our Project , therefore i wore Nikon shirt in the Interview a demonstration to thanks to Nikon, and also believe their support in future adventure projects!  People at airport and in the aircraft people those who watched the Live Show,recognized us and congratulate us for the great show and success on the first Expedition that lead first Pakistani Girl to reach the Highest Point! People encourage us and believe that we will show more good to the people and country to help women and youths come in adventure sports and bring a good name to the country ,despite all the hurdles,social,cultural,religious and economic! Finally reached home at 4:50 and the journey was nice but tiring but was a great Journey after our Adventure!”

  • You can congratulate them here in the comment section. Feel free to do … they deserve.

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