Satwa Guna project


SATWA GUNA PROJECT or ILLUSION OF FORMS represents an ample photographic project that is based on photographic interpretation of the universal concept of diversity in unity.

Over time countless philosophers, anthropologists, writers, spiritual leaders, scholars and researchers from various fields have accredited the fascinating idea of the similarities found between peoples in many forms in which man is shown (faith,tradition, customs, spiritual activities etc.) managed to give birth to a fantastic inner soul searching those who want to materialize this through an art form.

This way, 10 years ago was born the first stage of the project : scientific documentation, anthropological documentation, depth study of comparative religions, historical documentation, geo political study and not at least scholastic study of spiritual practices ,materializing finally in 2001 with the project start that departs from scientific and technical knowledge,sliding towards spiritual imaginative and metaphysics world of nature and human evolution through a sufficiently pure and spontaneous art form, photography. Promising to the future an unchanged visual reality and well documented.

“Images have provoked reactions in people, and those reactions have caused change to happen.” Jonathan Klein


Stage  ‘IMAGES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ” of SATWA GUNA PROJECT  aims to reveal but not to  judge aspects of the status of women in Muslim culture, traditions and local customs, beliefs and forms of mystical practices in Pakistan Karakorum area in an attempt to support the perpetuation and preservation of authentic values. This stage was designed and will be done in collaboration with Ali Mirza – climber and mountain guide, a native of the Hunza area , Pakistan. “IMAGES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” will take place over a period of two years .

  • 2010 “Shimshali people” – is a documentary of social evolution in parallel with issues of spiritual evolution of the first Pakistani female climber, and also the climbing of a peak over 6,000 m..
  • 2011 “Pakistani women venturing into forbidden teritory” – includes completion of the project by climbing a 6400m peak (for acclimatization) culminating with the actual ascent of a peak for the first time over 7000m.